About LBEC Riga

For the 9th time LBG Riga is gathering 150 best of the best young engineers of to have them competing for the chase to represent Riga in further EBEC levels.

Website - http://www.sacensibas.rtu.lv/

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About Riga Technical University

Riga Technical University is the first technical university in the Baltic countries – its history dates back to 1862 when Riga Polytechnic was founded. Long lasting traditions, advanced teaching methods, new technologies and innovative approach provide the University with the opportunity to ensure research excellence and offer exciting full-time or part-time studies in RTU in Engineering Sciences, Technologies, Natural and Environmental Sciences as well as in Architecture and Engineering Economics.

RTU is the only many branched technical university in Latvia. At the moment there are almost 15 000 students attending the university. On 14 October, 2012, Riga Technical University will celebrate 150 years since its foundation.
Student organisation BEST-Riga was founded by small group of RTU students in 1993. These students were from activists in Students Parliament, who the BEST’s growth opportunities in Latvia. In 17 years of its existence BEST-Riga organised various events for students, such as educative courses, recreational activities, cultural exchanges, engineering competitions, camps, committee meetings, charity events, coach camps and others.

Local engineering competitions for RTU students have been organised by Local Best Group Riga since 2003, but since 2009 local competition winners have the opportunity to participate in the next step of this competition – Baltic Best Engineering Competitions. In the spring of 2009 Baltic Best Engineering Competitions were held in Riga.